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Lauren Jacobs
Mixed Media Sculpture and Painting
Artist's Biography
Artist's Statement
Laurenoffers private and small classes in observational drawing, portraiture, portfolio preparation, painting, mixed media sculpture, needle felting, and clothing construction available.
Contact Lauren at LaurenAnneJacobs@gmail.comor call(703)209-8473
All images and works of art Copyrighted by Lauren Jacobs, all rights reserved.
Faerie-tail Rainbow
"Faerie-tail: Rainbow"
  Faerie-tail Clover Blossom
"Faerie-tail: Clover Blossom"
Faerie-tail Acorn
"Faerie-tail: Acorn"
"Pathways" Acrylic and Gouache Paint on Canvas
Faerietail Moss
"Faerie-tail: Moss"
As Above, So Below
"As Above, So Below" Cut Paper
Stormscape #1
"Stormscape #1"
Stormscape #2
"Stormscape #2"
Stormscape #3
"Stormscape #3"
Cyclops the Root Doll
"Cyclops the Root Doll"
Easter Island Whisperer the Root Doll
"Easter Island Whisperer the Root Doll"
Max the Root Doll
"Max the Root Doll"
Summer Mask
"Summer Mask"
If Roots Were Birds 2
"If Roots Were Birds 2"
Falling of Heaven Ruptured
"Falling of Heaven Ruptured"
Daniel's Painting
"Daniel's Painting"
Winter Mask
"Winter Mask"
  Bone Owl Star Tree
"Bone Owl Star Tree"

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