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David Ernst
Photography and Digital Painting
Artist's Statement and Biography
All images and works of art Copyrighted by David Ernst, all rights reserved.
Tree Series #23
"Tree Series #23"
Tree Series #32
"Tree Series #32"
Flower Series #3
"Flower Series #3"
Social Impression  Past
"Social Impression Past"
Tree Series #41
"Tree Series #41"
Autumn's Glory
"Autumn's Glory"
Eerie Night II
"Eerie Night II"
Tree Series #22
"Tree Series #18"
Old Town Cafe
"Old Town Cafe"
A Snowy Day on Mill Street
"A Snowy Day on Mill Street"
Yesterday's Lunch
"Yesterday's Lunch"
Poppy in Bloom II
"Poppy in Bloom II"
The Pour House
"The Pour House"
Tree Series #28
"Tree Series #28"
Tree Series #22
"Tree Series #22"
Tree Series #36
"Tree Series #36"
Smithsonian in the Snow
"Smithsonian in the Snow"
Poppy in Bloom
"Poppy in Bloom"
Visiting Lincoln
"Visiting Lincoln"
Dining Series #1
"Dining Series #1"
A Summer Lunch on Caroline Street
"A Summer Lunch on Caroline Street"
Stone House #2
"Stone House #2"
  Field of Daisies
"Field of Daisies"

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